I see my cooking as an edible artistic media,

and through visual aesthetic, recipes and

flavor profiles, I create food that serves

every sense, becoming an experience that evolves

into our brain as full moments.


Those moments that are archived in our memory,

smells and sights together emboldened by textures and tastes. Sensations and smells that lead us

to experiences that evolve overtime and become

a memory-object in our mental archive.


In conclusion:

if one sense matters,

then all senses matter.


Jojo Corväiá




My cooking videos are based on the concept of memory. The objective is to create images that become a composite of sensorial elements. This idea creates a mental map of places, noises, tastes, textures and emotions that become more natural and emotive to us than traditional instructional cooking videos.


lavender and lemon cake

sweet curry meringue

chocolate and crispy bacon bar

fig and maple syrup scones

cappuccino brûlée

carrot and cinnamon cake

ricotta and thyme cheese cake

chocolate ganache and almond tart

gâteau périgourdin

chocolate shortbread

cinnamon brioche

chocolate ganache and blueberries tart

ginger and black pepper cake

lemon pie

pasteis de nata / tart

almond and orange blossom cake

nuts and salted caramel tart

chocolate phyllo and orange florentine


pistachio cake


sesame seed loaf

grapefruit and vanilla on dark chocolate palachinken

tahini cookies

tahini and cinnamon cookies

chocolate and pistachio marshmallows

almond and lavender meringue


cucumber chapati salad

baked eggs with lemon and kale

roast beef with spicy pineapple and cilantro

pear and gorgonzola ravioli with walnuts and rucola

fennel and orange salad

salmon, pink grapefruit and boiled egg salad

crispy dried vegetables and bonito flakes salad

hand folded croissants

spinach, feta cheese and chili armadillo

matcha tea, rosemary and salt crackers

tomato brioche

ham and rum brioche

pecans, raisins and ham brioche

bacon, crêvre and maple syrup gallete

pearl onions with caraway and brown sugar

ham, cheese and jalapeño rolls

ham an gruyère crêpe

soft boiled eggs with crispy kale

boiled eggs with lotus roots and sesame seed

boiled eggs with asparagus and bacon

scrambled eggs with oyster mushrooms

croque madame with marcona almonds

egg solders with ptosciutto

scrambled eggs with endives and pecans


poached eggs with prosciutto


culinary art practice / visual art space


> Seattle, 2009-2015

Founded in September of 2009 by the multimedia artist Jojo Corväiá, Arabica Lounge was designed to set a new standard for the stimulation of the senses through avant garde visual art, music and culinary experience, all with a strong language of Aesthetics and worldly flavors.


The space brought an incomparable ambiance to the city of Seattle, perhaps more familiar in places like Berlin, London, Paris or Buenos Aires.


The Menu offered a variety of egg dishes emerging from the French school; however, the dessert menu (including specialty cakes, tarts and baked goods) conformed a collection of recipes from at least twenty different countries.


In addition to the every day function, Jojo also utilized the kitchen as a laboratory for the development -and/or variation- of new recipes and menus, privet dinners, training, production of instructional videos, and catering.


The Arabica Lounge culinary standard program and recipe book is archived entirely in videos.

American born in Caracas, from european and venezuelan descendants.  Studied Architecture and Antique Music in Caracas and developed a career as Graphic Designer and Art Director for over 18 years.


Parallel to his commercial work, Jojo Corväiá has a practice of visual arts and had shown and performed his work in galleries, museums and theaters.




His interest in arts and music go hand by hand with his engagement with food. He comes from a family of cooks and he owes his culinary influence to his family.


He currently lives in Berlin, Germany, since May 2015.





Christinenstraße 4

10119 Berlin

 +49 176 82320185